Are Dental Health And Overall Health Linked?

What is the link between dental health and overall health? Many people are misinformed when it comes to this topic. They think that it’s all about poor dental health causing other health issues. That is one of the possibilities. Yet it is more about poor dental health signifying that there are other health issues present. That doesn’t mean that everyone who has poor dental health has other health issues, but there are tie-ins that need to be addressed.

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Indeed, poor dental hygiene and health can also cause other health concerns. It’s just that this take is where people seem to start when addressing this topic. It all starts with poor dental hygiene and health signifying there are underlying concerns already. In that sense, it is even more of an issue, yet not a complete physical connection. There are people that are in great health, but their dental health has suffered for one reason or another.

Let’s say that you have gum disease. The official word is that this disease ‘might’ play a role in other diseases in the body. The key word here is ‘might’ not ‘does.’ It’s interesting to take a look at though, and it’s also important to address key dental health issues and their causes. If you have any dental health concerns, you first want them to be addressed in terms of their actual consequences. You don’t want gum disease taking away your teeth.

Let’s again say that gingivitis or advanced periodontal disease is the culprit. Wherever you are on that scale, what are the main causes. Are you a smoker? Smoking can obviously have a huge impact on your overall health. Improper diets have the same effect, and of course there is the idea that people who don’t take good care of their teeth tend to not take good care of their bodies. Is that really true? It really depends on the individual and their situation.

That is where there is no strong line connection between poor dental health and overall health. It is more of a window into one’s overall health, as the Mayo Clinic would put it. It helps to give a general idea of what connections there are that can be made. Yet it must be looked at in conjunction with one’s overall health. Dental health is in no way some type of crystal ball showing how one’s overall health is in jeopardy.

There are plenty of people walking around these days with teeth whiter than snow. They place a priority on the cosmetics. There is nothing wrong with that, but teeth in cosmetic fashion mask the fact that we are occupying decaying physical bodies that are going to have health concerns. Can you tell this topic has struck a nerve?

It indeed does strike a nerve with me because people want to tie dental health to overall health while upholding the image of a perfect set of choppers. It is indeed the most ridiculous thing in my opinion. You want to take good care of your body, but we all have health concerns to address. To look at someone’s mouth and think that they are in poor health because their teeth are aging is just a little naive.

I for one grew up in a home where dental insurance and regular trips to your local dentist was not a priority. I took that idea with me into adulthood. Yet I remain in good health, still dealing with a normal mouth and normal dental consequences based on my habits. My habits have cost me in terms of dental health, but tying that to poor overall health is absurd.

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