Best Sous Vide Cooking Accessories

Sous Vide cooking is taking the world by storm. Even home cooking chefs are today are exploring the fantastic opportunities that are offered by this exceptional cooking method. Using Sous Vide now means that moist and delicious food that retains great natural flavours is incredibly easy. If you can set a Sous Vide water cooker to the correct temperature and set the right cooking time you can be on your way to cooking perfect meals for admiring friends and family. The best thing is setting these parameters is as simple as pressing a button.

However to make your Sous Vide cooking experience that much more fulfilling and making the meals absolute perfection there are some accessories that are required. For review about sous vide accessories click here.

If you want your Sous Vide cooking armory to provide the edge that is required to get the most out of this fantastic cooking method then here are some of the ‘must haves’ to help you elevate your Sous Vide game.

#1 A Quality Blowtorch.

Sous Vide cooking will get the meat, seafood or poultry prepared to perfection – at least on the inside – but to finish it offsous vide accessory - the blow torch requires a bit of searing. The choices are a great quality iron skillet (in most instances) or a blowtorch. Many chefs prefer the blowtorch method because it gives pinpoint control over the searing process – and it is simply a ‘no mess, no fuss’ approach. Look for an option with attachments to spread and distribute the flame evenly – and don’t forget to pat the meat or seafood dry before applying the flame.

#2 A Wire Rack.

If you’re going to be using a blowtorch, your cutting board isn’t going to cut it (excuse the pun). Ideally, purchase a wire rack and use it on a nonflammable surface. Put down a baking sheet as a base for the wire rack.

#3 Time And Temp Guides.

Each cut of different types of product requires different times and temperatures for perfect cooking. Thankfully there are numerous apps for that. Check on the Internet and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Download onto your mobile phone or pad and you’ll have all that you need as far as guides are concerned to produce that perfectly cooked cut.

#4 Zip Lock Bags Or A Vacuum Sealer.

Sous Vide cooking requires that the raw product is placed in a sealed bag before being immersed in the water. Ziplock bags are great – alternatively, you can go the extra mile and buy a vacuum sealer – just like professional chefs (after all ‘Sous Vide’ means ‘in a vacuum’). However – zip lock bags are fine to start with. Simply allow the water pressure to force the air out of the bag and then seal.

#5 Tongs.

A set of good quality tongs is a must. They allow you absolute control when removing the sealed packages from the cooker. When dealing with very hot water, it pays to use the best equipment.

With these simple accessories, you’ll be ready to elevate your Sous Vide cooking to a whole new level – bon appetit.

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