Metabolism And Your Health

Your metabolism has a big role to play in your health and when your metabolism is strong, you are going to have an easier time keeping your weight in check and you can even keep your heart healthier. When your metabolism gets slow and sluggish, everything else slows down as well and you gain weight and increase your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. If you want to stay healthy it is important that your metabolism runs like it should and this means that you need to eat right and exercise to keep things running smoothly.

If your metabolism is running slow, you are going to start gaining weight and you are probably going to feel more tired than usual. Your body holds onto calories instead of burning them and you begin to gain weight even if you are active. As your weight goes up, your health is going to suffer. Even worse, you often end up gaining weight around your middle and this is a dangerous place to gain weight because it stresses your organs.

When your metabolism is out of whack your blood sugar is affected and you produce more insulin. If this becomes chronic you could end up with type 2 diabetes because your pancreas can’t handle all the extra insulin it is producing. Type 2 diabetes can lead to many different problems in your body and you could end up with vision and circulation problems.

A metabolism that isn’t working properly can also lead to heart issues because you end up with more fat in your bloodstream. Your cholesterol levels are going to go up and your sugar levels go up which are bad for your heart. Gaining weight is also hard on your heart and you are more likely to end up having a heart attack or a stroke when you are having issues with your metabolism.

A sluggish metabolism can also lead to metabolic syndrome which increases your risk for strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. The fat starts to accumulate around your organs and your blood pressure goes up. If you have a large waist, the fat is going to be stored in your organs which is bad for your body.

Your metabolism tends to slow down as you get older and the less exercise you do, the slower your metabolism is going to be. Muscles burn more energy than fat, so you should concentrate on building muscle mass so you burn more fat. You also need to increase your activity level if you want to give your metabolism a boost. Sitting around is one of the worst things you can do for your metabolism.

Your diet also has a big role to play when it comes to your metabolism. Try this metabolic kick starter diet or eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and get at least 30 minutes of exercise in each day. Just walking for 30 minutes is going to help your metabolism get stronger and you are going to start to feel better and lose weight.



5 Tips To Make You Feel Younger At 50

Did you recently turn 50 or are you about to turn 50? Well, don’t despair yet. You’re still young and you can work hard to keep it that way. Here are some of the best ways to make you feel and look young at 50 from our good friends at the Anti Aging Ninjas blog.

The Best 5 Tips To Feel Young At 50

• Exercising

Even at 50 years of age, you need to keep exercising if you want to keep looking younger. Don’t settle for aerobic exercises alone but you should consider strength and cardio exercises for the best results. Cardio exercises will boost your blood circulation while strength exercises will tighten your skin by toning your body to prevent any flabbiness associated with old age.

Exercising improves your circulation thus supplying the whole body with oxygen and nutrients that improve the elasticity of your skin. It also increases collagen supply fighting the free radicals in your body to make you feel younger. Also, you can lose a lot of weight, thanks to cardiovascular exercises. You can either create a home gym or visit any gym near you to exercise regularly for the best results.

• Reducing Stress

Did you know that being stressed is one of the ways to make you look older than you actually are? Well, if you’re 50 and looking to feel or look younger, you should avoid being stressed to prevent the formation of wrinkles or wearing out your skin. If you try relaxing once the wrinkles have formed, you might not undo the damage already in place but you will prevent further aging.
If you’re looking for the best ways to reduce stress you should try laughing as often as possible during the day because it forces your muscles to relax. There’s always something to laugh about if you look hard enough on the internet. You should also get enough sleep because eye bags will make you look older. You should also stay away from allergens that might trigger allergic reactions, making you look older.

• Correct Your Posture

Slouching is one of the reasons why you’re looking older even when you’re 50 years old. Therefore, you need to start correcting your posture to look and feel younger. For instance, you should avoid slouching when you’re walking around to maintain a good posture. On the other hand, if your job involves a lot of sitting, you should always sit upright to prevent bending your back.

You’re advised to look for an ergonomic chair that provides enough support to your back and weight. You should also use a small pillow to support your lower back for the best lumbar support. If you’re working with a computer every day, make sure the monitor is positioned upwards to prevent slouching. When you’re standing, make sure your shoulders are squared and straight while your head is upright with your heels, neck and back properly aligned.

You can also improve your posture when you’re sleeping by using a firm mattress to provide the best back support. If you prefer sleeping on your side, you should place a small pillow between your knees to keep your spine straight and properly aligned. Also, using too many pillows will force you to sleep in an unnatural way thus affecting your posture considerably.

• Proper Dieting

Dieting is yet another way to feel young and appear so, regardless of your age. Make sure your diet contains foods with lots of antioxidants that clear up the free radicals that are responsible for increasing your aging process. Also, you should reduce your sugar and alcohol intake for the best results. You should consider foods with more benefits to your health such as whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Additionally, these foods will also allow you to maintain your weight thus keeping you looking young for a very long time.

• Protect Your Skin

Do you spend a lot of time in the sun? Are you planning on going to the beach over the weekend? Make sure that your skin is always protected. You should look for sun protection lotions with a good SPF rating whenever you’re out in the sun. Keep in mind that UV rays increase your risk of getting skin cancer and will damage the elasticity of your skin. Therefore, getting protection from the sun will keep your skin young for a very long time.

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Sous Vide Myths and Misconceptions

There are many myths and misconceptions related to sous vide cooking for home cooks. These myths have led many people to believe that this style of cooking can only be done in a restaurant. This is untrue as any home cook will be able to use sous vide techniques.

You Need A Large, Expensive Vacuum Sealer

The most common myth about sous vide cooking is that you need to have an expensive vacuum sealer. While this cooking method does require a sealed bag, you do not have to use a vacuum sealer. Using a re-sealable bag can work just as well for most recipes, particularly if you are just beginning with this type of cooking. When you use these bags, you will need to use water displacement to remove the air before you start cooking.sous vide water bath cooking

You Need Other Expensive Equipment

Home cooks who are going to be using this method of cooking often may want to invest in an immersion circulator or sous vide bath. However, this can be expensive for a beginner and not worth the investment if you are unsure whether you will use this style of cooking again. A more affordable solution, if you want to try this method, is to use a digital thermometer to get the water to the correct temperature. Inexpensive equipment for cooking sous vide style is available. More information on sous vide cooking equipment is available here.

The Safety Of Cooking In Plastic Bags

A major concern that home cooks have with this method is that you are cooking food in a plastic bag and they are sure this is unsafe. There are many reports about the dangers of heating certain types of plastic, but some of these studies oversimplify the findings. While there may be a potential issue with cooking in plastic, the fact that the plastic generally does not reach high temperatures lessens the problem.

There is also the issue that most health risks that come from cook relate to clean working spaces. When you cook using this method, you are actually reducing the chance of unhygienic handling or cross contamination. For many people, this outweighs the potential risks associated with cooking in a plastic bag.

You Can Only Cook Protein-Based Foods

A common myth is that sous vide cooking can only be used for protein-based foods like meats. This is untrue as you are able to cook anything from meats to vegetables in this way. Cooking meats in this method are the most well-known because of the even results that people can achieve.

It Is A Slow Method Of Cooking

As sous vide requires a longer cooking time when compared to traditional methods many people assume you can only use this when you have a lot of time. The truth is that there are many recipes you can use that are quick and easy. With this cooking method, you can leave your food to cook mostly unattended which frees your time to focus on other things. With sous vide cooking you can cook fish, chicken, and steak in less than an hour and mashed potatoes in 45 minutes.


Best Sous Vide Cooking Accessories

Sous Vide cooking is taking the world by storm. Even home cooking chefs are today are exploring the fantastic opportunities that are offered by this exceptional cooking method. Using Sous Vide now means that moist and delicious food that retains great natural flavours is incredibly easy. If you can set a Sous Vide water cooker to the correct temperature and set the right cooking time you can be on your way to cooking perfect meals for admiring friends and family. The best thing is setting these parameters is as simple as pressing a button.

However to make your Sous Vide cooking experience that much more fulfilling and making the meals absolute perfection there are some accessories that are required. For review about sous vide accessories click here.

If you want your Sous Vide cooking armory to provide the edge that is required to get the most out of this fantastic cooking method then here are some of the ‘must haves’ to help you elevate your Sous Vide game.

#1 A Quality Blowtorch.

Sous Vide cooking will get the meat, seafood or poultry prepared to perfection – at least on the inside – but to finish it offsous vide accessory - the blow torch requires a bit of searing. The choices are a great quality iron skillet (in most instances) or a blowtorch. Many chefs prefer the blowtorch method because it gives pinpoint control over the searing process – and it is simply a ‘no mess, no fuss’ approach. Look for an option with attachments to spread and distribute the flame evenly – and don’t forget to pat the meat or seafood dry before applying the flame.

#2 A Wire Rack.

If you’re going to be using a blowtorch, your cutting board isn’t going to cut it (excuse the pun). Ideally, purchase a wire rack and use it on a nonflammable surface. Put down a baking sheet as a base for the wire rack.

#3 Time And Temp Guides.

Each cut of different types of product requires different times and temperatures for perfect cooking. Thankfully there are numerous apps for that. Check on the Internet and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Download onto your mobile phone or pad and you’ll have all that you need as far as guides are concerned to produce that perfectly cooked cut.

#4 Zip Lock Bags Or A Vacuum Sealer.

Sous Vide cooking requires that the raw product is placed in a sealed bag before being immersed in the water. Ziplock bags are great – alternatively, you can go the extra mile and buy a vacuum sealer – just like professional chefs (after all ‘Sous Vide’ means ‘in a vacuum’). However – zip lock bags are fine to start with. Simply allow the water pressure to force the air out of the bag and then seal.

#5 Tongs.

A set of good quality tongs is a must. They allow you absolute control when removing the sealed packages from the cooker. When dealing with very hot water, it pays to use the best equipment.

With these simple accessories, you’ll be ready to elevate your Sous Vide cooking to a whole new level – bon appetit.

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